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Irina Vasilievna Perminova

group leader, Professor

Work adress
     Organic Chemistry Division, Department of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Leninskie Gory 1-3, 119992 Moscow, Russia
     +7(495)939-55-46 (work)
     +7(495)909-00-32 (home)
     +7(903)660-48-64 (mobile)

Curriculum Vitae

     February 9, 1960, Dzhambul, Kazakhstan, citizen of the Russian Federation.


Study at the Department of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow


B.S./M.S. in Chemistry


Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University


Dr.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University


2003- till present 

Leading Scientist, Division of Organic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University


Senior Scientist, Division of Organic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University


Research Scientist at the Institute for Global Climate and Ecology of Academy of Sciences of the USSR

Research experience

     More than fifteen years of work in the field of humic substances research. Main areas of interest structure, reactivity and detoxifying ability of humics toward heavy metals and organic ecotoxicants. Particular outcome development of the common strategy of numerical description of the structure of natural organic substances of variable composition and irregular structure on the example of humic substances. The novelty of the research: new technique for calculation of the corrected elemental composition of humic substances; new technique for determination of the functional groups with a use of 1H NMR spectroscopy and an approach to calculation of fragmental composition of HS basing on the H- and C-distribution; experimentally proven choice of polydextrans as molecular weight markers for SEC-determination of molecular weight distruibution of HS; the quantitative estimates of complexing, binding and detoxifying properties of a broad set of humic substances of different origin (about 100 samples) to heavy metals, PAHs and atrazine. Classification of humic substances and prognostic modelling of their properties.


Doctoral Thesis

Perminova I.V. Abstract of Dr. Sc. Thesis "Analysis, classification and predictive modelling of properties of humic substances." Moscow-2000. (PDF-file, in Russian)

Perminova I.V. Dr. Sc. Thesis "Analysis, classification and predictive modelling of properties of humic substances." Moscow-2000. (PDF-file, in Russian)

Ph.D. Thesis

Pershina I.V. Abstract of PhD. Thesis "Determination of fulvic acids in natural waters". Moscow-1987. (PDF-file, in Russian)

Ph.D. Projects

The scientific advisor of the eight fulfilled Ph.D. projects

  1. Danchenko N.N. 1997. Functional composition of humic acids: determination and relation to reactivity. (Abstract, in Russian)
  2. Anisimova M. A. 1997. Detoxifying ability of soils and isolated from them humic acids to herbicides. (Abstract, in Russian)
  3. Zhilin D.M. 1998. Reactivity and detoxifying properties of humic substances to Hg(II) and their interrelationship. (Abstract, in Russian / Full text, in Russian)
  4. Kovalevskii D.V. 1998. Investigation of the structure of humic substances with a use of 13C and 1H NMR spectroscopy. (Abstract, in Russian/Full text, in Russian)
  5. Kulikova N.A. 1999. Binding and detoxifying ability of soil humic substances to herbicide atrazine. (Abstract, in Russian / Full text, in Russian)
  6. Grechishcheva N.Yu. 2000. Chemical and toxicological aspects of interaction of humic substances with PAH. (Abstract, in Russian)
  7. Kholodov V.A. 2003. Adsorption and toxicity of herbicide acetochlor in soils of different types. (Abstract, in Russian)
  8. Saleem K.M.A. 2004. Usage of humic preparations for detoxification and biodegradation of oil pollution. (Abstract, in Russian)
and five running PhD projects
  1. Elena Yu. Belyaeva "Non-exclusive effects in size-exclusion chromatography analysis of humic substances"
  2. Anton N. Kovalenko "Synthesis of quinone-enriched humic materials"
  3. Leonid A. Karpyuk "Synthesis of alkoxisilylated humic derivatives and adsorption of them onto silicagel"
  4. Erast V. Kunenkov "Classification of humic substances based on size-exclusion chromatography and high-resolution mass-spectroscopy", co-supervisor A.V. Garmash
  5. Larisa V. Vyborova "Synthesis of salycilate-enriched humic derivatives and investigation of their physiological activity"

Participation in the research projects

2004-2007 Investigation and Modeling of the Fundamental Interactions of Actinides with Customized Humic Substances at both the Molecular and Colloidal Levels. RAS-DOE project #RUC2-20006-MO-04 - leader of the Russian team
2004-2006 Development of detoxicants of combined action on the basis of humic substances and their derivatives", International Science-Technology Center (ISTC) project KR-964 - principal investigator
2002-2004 Humic substances as natural adaptogens: evaluation of the biological effects and their relationship to the molecular properties. Research Center for Environment and Health (GSF), FE 75184, BA 31/139166/02/U. - principal investigator
2003-2004 Development of water soluble metal complexes of humic substances as micronutrients for agricultural and livestock uses. R&D project for Humintech Ltd. (Duesseldorf, Germany) - principal investigator
2004-2006 Development of reactive humic materials for prevention of actinide migration", NATO Collaborative Linkage Grant, #980580, with University of Florida - leader of the Russian team
2002 NATO Advanced Research Workshop "Use of humates to remediate polluted environments: From theory to practice" Zvenigorod, Russia, September 22-29, 2002, Nato Science Program, ARW 978587 - director from the Russian part
2001-2002 Detoxification of contaminated soils using humic substances. Program "Integration".
2001-2003 Use of one- and two-dimensional NMR methods for study of molecular structure of humic substances using analysis of their narrow fractions. Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), #01-03-32664 - principal investigator
2000-2002 Interactions of humic substances with herbicides: binding, detoxification and relationship to the structure Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), #00-04-48692 - participant
19982001 Humic and humic-like substances from natural and anthropogenic sources: structure, reactivity and detoxifying ability in relation to heavy metals and organic ecotoxicants. (EU sponsored program, project INTAS 97-1129) leader of the Russian team
19972000 Structural studies of humic substances using combination of instrumental methods (including NMR) and numeric modeling (bilateral project in the framework of collaboration between BMBF German Ministry for Science and Education, and Russian Ministry for Science, 143/97-rus) project manager
19981999 Application of NMR-spectroscopy for investigation of structure of humic substances (RFBR- Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 98-03-33186a) project leader
19961998 Studies on the protective properties of natural organic matter in soil-herbicide-plant system (RFBR 96-04-49838) participant
19961997 Influence of humic substances on biological activity of ecotoxicants of different classes (Russian Ministry for High Education, #4-26) project leader
19931995 Development of complex technique of purification of liquid wastes by use of humic preparations (Russian Ministry for Environment, #2.5.8) project manager
19931995 Impact of humic substances on the biological activity of environmentally harmful chemicals: prediction from structural and physicochemical properties of the humic substances.(International Science Foundation, NBN000, and NBN300) project leader

Selected presentations

Dec. 2004 "Design of humic materials of desired redox properties". Rossendorf Research Centre, Institute of Radiochemistry, Rossendorf, Germany.
Nov. 2004 "Directed modification of humic substances aimed at production of derivatived with predicted properties". Moscow City Seminar on Radiochemistry, GEOKHI RAS, Moscow, Russia.
Oct. 2004 "Design of humic materials of a desired remedial action". Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Chemical Sciences Division, Oak Ridge, USA.
Oct. 2004 "Design of humic materials with predicted properties". Institute of Environmental Molecular Sciences, Ohio State University, Columbus, USA.
Jul. 2004 "Use of tritium label for direct measurement of hydrophobicity and interfacial activity of humic substances". 12 IHSS Meeting, Sao-Pedro, Brazil.
Jul. 2004 "Humic substances: perspective of directive modification". Scientific Seminar at Synthetic Polymer Materials of RAS, Moscow, Russia.
Dec. 2003 "Mediating effects of humic substances in polluted environments: implications to remediations technologies". Scientific Seminar at Dept. of Chemical and Environmental Engeneering, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA.
Oct. 2003 "Humic substances as strtess-mediators in polluted environments". Scientific Seminar of the GSF-Research Centre, Neuherberg, Germany.
Feb. 2003 "Quantitative analyis of humic substances". International Conference Humic Substances in Biosphere, Lomonosov MSU, Moscow, Russia.
Sept. 2002 "Mediating effects of humic substances: implications to remediations technologies". Nato ARW, Zvenigorod, Russia.
Jul. 2002 "Quantitative analysis and predicitive modeling of the properties of humic substances as a gateway to their practical applications". 11 IHSS Conference, Northeasten University, Boston, USA.
Sep. 2000 "Mediating effects of humic substances in aquatic and soil environments". NATO Advanced Research Institute, Vysgorod, Hungary.
Aug. 1999 "Humic substances as mediators of chemical stress in aquatic ecosystems" 37. IUPAC Congress, Berlin, Germany.
June 1998 "Structure, reactivity and detoxifying ability of humic substances to organic ecotoxicants" Seminar of the Institute of Freshwater Ecology (IGB), Berlin, Germany
Apr. 1998 "Chemical and toxicological aspects of interactions of humic substances with polyaromatic hydrocarbons" Seminar at the Research Center for Environmental Protection, (UFZ), Leipzig, Germany.
Oct. 1997 "Impact of humic substances on the toxicity of organic xenobiotica" Symposium of IHSS at the SSSA-ASA Annual Meeting, Anaheim, USA.

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